Key Features



Great collaboration is essential in all recruiting processes. Without collaboration, decision making is stalled and ineffective. Time and money are wasted by repetition and lack of communication. We have created a shared workspace for all recruiting stakeholders to collaborate. Precision controls ensure sensitive data stays confidential. The entire Hiring Team can comment, rate and interact with each other in the most effective way.



Manage all of your Recruitment Partners and control the flow of qualified Candidates. The BigScreen solution is designed to allow you to easily and instantly share your Jobs with third parties and external recruiters. With granular control, you can manage and monitor the applications from your suppliers and optimise your recruitment campaigns. Through distributing and sharing your Career opportunities you are guaranteed to build the deepest and most effective Talent Pool.



Your brand, your way, all the time. Everything in BigScreen can be completely personalised to reflect and mirror your company’s brand. It is a simple process to integrate your logos, colours and themes. Every Candidate and Employee will consistently experience your ‘Employer Value Proposition’. By using all of your Employer Data, we help you to extend your Employer attractiveness to new Candidates and existing Employees.

Job Board

Custom Job Sites

Candidates love applying for Jobs hosted by BigScreen. We have developed technology that instantly creates incredible dynamic design meaning that every Job is optimised for viewing and simple application on mobile devices. We can integrate rich media into your Job listings, guaranteeing you the highest level of engaged and motivated Candidate applications. ‘Out of the box’ branding that promotes, re-enforces and extends your Company Brand.

Candidate Database 2

Candidate Database

Our Candidate records provide you with every piece of detail required. Track every piece of essential data regarding your Candidates through in depth Candidate profiles. These profiles are flexible enough to accommodate each and every document, step and data point from initial contact all the way through to hire. We create a fully search- able, deep data candidate database. Having great Candidate information is essential to any organisation that wishes to build a viable talent pool.


Employee Appraisal

Reviews and Appraisals have traditionally been ineffectively executed and are often considered to be time consuming, costly and invasive. Through our automated Appraisal system we not only remove all of those obstacles, but more importantly we transform the ‘feeling’ of Employees. Each Employee will feel positively engaged after a review and the data that is generated will ensure that the motivated, positive and productive state can be maintained.

Employee Database

Employee Database

Knowing your Employees, regularly reviewing them and understanding their motivations, abilities and relationships is essential to increased productivity, staff retention and harmonious working environments. BigScreen goes beyond the data and gives you incredible, real time insight through building a comprehensive Employee database.

Multi Device

Multi Device

Candidates today want to be able to access Job Opportunities and complete the initial interview stage directly on their mobile device. It is anticipated that 95% of all first screen interviews will be conducted on smart phones or tablets. With FREE Candidate applications for both iOS and Android devices, we have provisioned the solution that today’s workforce demands.


Reporting and Analytics

Key Data and Reports are an essential part of all recruiting processes. Use our analytics, reporting and charting to instantly generate and share valuable business information. Track all your recruitment processes with BigScreen. Easy to share and export, we provide the detailed activity reports that you have been craving.

Bespoke Integration

Bespoke Integration

No matter what type of ATS, HCM, HRIS or CRM solutions you may have currently, we can easily develop API integrations and solutions to match your required business needs. Our Development Team can achieve whatever is essential to your optimised recruiting and human capital processes.

Professional Services

Professional Services

We can offer a broad range of personalised professional services to our Customers. We can help, whether you are looking for a simple bespoking solution, unique data integration, optimised hiring strategies, Candidate ingestion or Employee appraisal systems. We will show you how to ingest, manage and use the people data you need.


Security and Access Control

We are 100% secure. We have the highest level of authentication and encryption that exists. Your data is essential and confidential to your organisation, our security infrastructure guarantees that it stays that way. With granular access control, you manage exactly which Candidate, Employee and Business Content each member of your Team can see.