Employee Appraisals

Do you really know how your Team feels?

Measure Performance, Feel Happiness

There are literally hundreds of software companies out there giving you the ability to measure, monitor, manage, scrutinize and analyse employee performance. However, in most cases, both Employee and Employer often emerge from this experience with a sense of emptiness, paranoia and dissatisfaction. Employees can feel disassociated and detached from their Employer, left only with a sense of being ‘put under the microscope’. BigScreen is the World’s first pioneer of an Employee Appraisal Solution that guarantees that you know the feelings of your Employees. Your Team will feel valued, feel respected, feel positive and you will gain the most essential insight into the ‘happiness factor’ of your organisation. Through increased positivity you ensure increased productivity.

Retention is Key

It is clearly understood that as the Global economy grows, the need to maintain and retain Employees with specialist skills in a competitive hiring environment becomes paramount. Through regular Employee Appraisals, BigScreen will give you the knowledge that you really require – how your Team feel about working for you. Through continually having this information at your ngertips, you can easily nurture, develop and retain your top talent. Your relationship with your Employees is bound to be optimised and will produce the greatest possible positive results.

Think about this

The World is waking up to the fact that engaged, motivated and happy Employees will always produce the best results.

How do we do it?

We have a simple, automated system that you can personalise for your exact Employee needs and corporate goals. The entire solution is optimised for easy Employee response using video, text questioning, measured qualifying questioning, surveys and exciting new practices. Once your Appraisals Framework is in place, you won’t ever look back.

Huge Cost Savings

It is vitally important to control your costs around Human Capital Management. That is why the BigScreen Employee Appraisals Solution can be delivered at a fraction of the cost of alternative appraisal/review methods. We can show you how to achieve amazing results at less than the cost of a cup of coffee per Employee.

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