Custom Job Sites

Creating the power of attraction

Become a Talent Magnet

One of the simplest ways to maximise your ‘application’ levels and harvest qualified, motivated candidates is to instantly and simply publish great Job opportunities on your own ‘Custom Job Site’ powered by BigScreen. We have harnessed the most up to date and effective ‘Candidate Attraction’ technologies and practices. With BigScreen, you are guaranteed to have the most available, mobile, complete and engaging presentation of your Job opportunities and more importantly, your company employer value proposition will shine through.

Harvest Everything

You will never lose an application from any candidate with our Job Board technology. Engagement, re-engagement, and frequency of visit are simply managed. The Candidate experience is completely optimised. You will never again experience the 60 – 80% ‘drop out’ rates that commercial Job Boards and other job site technology produce. The candidate details that automatically come to you through BigScreen will be full, detailed and viable.

Brand it your way

Matching your existing brand, logos, colour schemes and style is a simple provisioning system within BigScreen. We can seemlessly integrate into your existing website and all of the pages, processes and application forms are designed specifically to be used on smart phones, tablets and mobile devices. It is acknowledged that more than 80% of job applications are likely to come from candidates using mobile devices. BigScreen has mastered this technology.

Share Everything

Content is king. With BigScreen, every digital asset and rich media that you have can be instantly and easily shared with candidates. The corporate videos, company documentation, detailed PDF’s, press releases and PR can be embedded. As pioneers in this space, BigScreen has proved that by sharing rich content with Candidates you will create a ‘stickier’, more attractive and more engaged talent audience.

The most effective candidate harvesting and engagement technology today

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