BigScreen Middle East Launches with Strong Leadership

BigScreen has recently announced that it has incorporated a subsidiary in the Middle East, specifically in Dubai, in order to support its Clients in the Middle East region.

 BigScreen is the recruitment industries first Cloud based SaaS solution, which dramatically reduces costs of screening and interviewing by taking advantage of the latest Content Management Technologies. It harvests VIDEO interviews from Candidates and then makes these instantly available to the recruiting stakeholders so that decisions can then be made “collaboratively” about which candidates to shortlist and subsequently hire.


The founders of BigScreen Middle East, Jonathon Saunders -Managing Director, and Dave Watkins -Operations Director, are veterans of bringing new Technology Solutions to the Middle East markets, and have high expectations of achieving a repeat performance with BigScreen. Jonathon and Dave are also investors in the “BigScreen Group”, and with their in depth knowledge of Middle East markets decided to make the investment.

 “Given the pace of acceptance of new technology, and the requirement for Graduate and National recruiting, it was a “no brainer” to make the Middle East the primary initial market for BigScreen” commented Jonathon Saunders.

 As well as providing an innovative recruiting platform that adds value to the recruitment process, BigScreen Performance also reduces screening costs by as much as 75% and interview costs by 25% plus. For many companies, the savings made through BigScreen can equate to Millions of Dollars in cost reduction.

The technology has been borne out of a team that has interviewed more than 25,000 candidates throughout their business life and this has given them a unique understanding of the “human factors” that form the majority of decision making in Recruitment processes. BigScreen “eliminates” all of the negative and unproductive “face to face ‘interviews that can occur.

 “Both Jon and I have been Business Managers, throughout our careers, constantly growing teams requiring screening and interviewing of hundreds of candidates and we know the time and cost that can be squandered in the process” Dave remarked. “ I would have been very vocal in championing BigScreen’s use in my past companies.”

Jonathon Saunders is a Senior Business Executive and has lived and worked throughout the Middle East since late 1991. Jon’s experience includes being a key member of the initial start up team for Cisco Systems Middle East, where he was deeply instrumental in their phenomenal success. More recently, Jon was the Regional Sales Director for SAS Middle East focused on Banking, Telco and Government clients across the whole region.

Jon has also introduced innovative technologies such as Zapfi and World Wide Packets.

Dave Watkins is a Seasoned Business Leader and has been responsible for introducing groundbreaking new Technologies such as NetBotz and Arista Networks to the Middle East. His first experience in the UAE and Oman was with 3Com in the early 90’s. Furthermore, his greatest success in the Region was the incredible growth that was achieved for Foundry Networks organization in the Middle East from 2005 to 2009.