BigScreen Middle East is partnering with The Marketing Bay

BigScreen Middle East is Partnering with The Marketing Bay to Cast the VideoBooth Staff for the Careers UAE 2015 show.

“We are working together with Sunny Kohli of TMB to cast the brightest, most technically gifted and articulate in Arabic and English to provide the additional Customer Support we need at the Event” said Jonathon Saunders, Managing Director of BigScreen Middle East.

For Visitors, BigScreen is providing FIVE VideoBooths positioned around the event halls so that they can record a unique interview and guarantee that they create a lasting impression, to the Exhibitors at Careers UAE. For Exhibitors, BigScreen Middle East is also offering a high value FREE service at the event. Recognising that capturing top talent is the key objective for the Exhibitors, BigScreen Middle East is offering a FREE service supported by 25 BigScreen staff, to capture a lasting impression of each candidate that they send over to the BigScreen VideoBooths.

 The whole Team at TMB have been engaged with and amazed by how simple and efficient the process has been.

“The screening process has been incredible and unlike any other company we have worked with,” said Sunny. “It is so efficient for us and BigScreen and really allows the candidates to express themselves and project their skills, personality and present themselves in the best possible light”

Using BigScreen’s 360 product, designed for entry level use by Agencies, Recruiters and SME businesses, TMB have been able to rapidly communicate their staff available for the event. “It would have been impossible to separate one candidate from another just by reviewing their CV’s, and we don’t need to carry the expense of face to face interviewing each candidate, which is both time consuming and expensive” said Jon. “We simply used BigScreen 360 to video record the answers to our three screening questions, have the CV’s and Photo’s of each candidate attached to their record, and then review, collaborate, rate each one, shortlist and make offers. Job done!”