Behavioural Persona

Introducing Behavioural Persona

Behavioural persona is a ground breaking innovation in recruitment, selection and employee profiling. What makes it unique is that it is a positive, affirming and rewarding experience for candidate, employee and employer alike. By assigning a motivating and aspirational role model to an individual, the dialogue for career development instantly becomes a positive experience. There are four key personification identities that are assigned, Hero, Angel, Explorer and Discoverer. These personas have resonance in every country, culture, age group and community. Creating profiles takes less than 10 minutes and is an automated process.



Heros are motivated by winning, they like clear challenges and respond well to having precise information about how success is defined. They are likely to gravitate towards leadership, are highly motivational and will often energise the team around them. Heros are very likely to respond well to public recognition of their achievements and can thrive in an environment where boundaries are continually stretched.


Angels are often great communicators who are ‘inclusive’ in their working environments, meaning that they can really help bond a team as it goes through challenging times. They will often show altruistic traits and their positive influence is most often manifested by their ability to put the team and company objectives over and above their own needs. Individual recognition is less important to Angels than cohesive team performance.


Riddebox AstronautExplorers are driven by detail and perfection. Their precision and thoroughness provides an assurance to working colleagues, creating a complete sense of security that all processes have been thoroughly planned, executed and completed. Explorers are an integral and essential factor for any company wishing to achieve sustained business growth.


Discoverers are creative innovators who will continually seek out what will become the next ‘great idea’ or aim for the improvement and transformation of existing processes. They communicate with high energy, enthusiasm and passion. For them, the journey of discovery is often more motivating than the destination of results. In the work environment, they thrive in new innovation and development roles.

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