BigScreen is an integrated suite of cloud software that provides a perfect Unified Talent Management solution.

Unified Talent Management – Putting your people first

Our definition of Unified Talent Management is all about giving you the tools to attract the top talent, hire the very best people and most importantly of all, retain and motivate them. We have a technology base that has fully optimised the key people processes but we go one step further forward, we positively transform the way candidates and employees FEEL about you.

How do we know? She is relaxed, enjoying life and feeling free and positive. She knows that everything to do with her career is on track. She is successful, in control and empowered. The girl on the bike could be any of the users of BigScreen who have positive, transformational experiences as a result of our incredible “Unified Talent Management” solution.

Specifically, she could be any one of the individuals below.

Business Owner

Totally happy and relaxed because every one of her Employees is regularly reviewed and appraised by BigScreen. Even happier, that this is a totally automated process and is being achieved at a fraction of the cost of standard appraisal processes.

Line Manager

Totally happy and relaxed because she knows she is attracting the top talent through BigScreen’s recruiting tools. Her Talent Pool is growing and she is receiving amazing feedback from her Team when she reviews them using the appraisal module within BigScreen.

Human Resources Manager

Totally happy and relaxed because she knows that she has provided an incredible framework of tools and resources to her line managers, hiring team and senior managers that is simply transforming and optimising their hiring, appraisal and talent retention processes.


Totally happy and relaxed because she has just completed her Employee Review using BigScreen on her smartphone. It was so easy to do, it made her feel valued and valuable within her team and employer. Her happiness will undoubtedly increase her productivity. She feels good.


Totally happy and relaxed because she has just experienced one of the simplest and most effective application processes using BigScreen. She knows that she stands a very good chance of being invited to interview. She has had the opportunity to “shine” in her application. She feels good about the Company that she is trying to interview with.

Recruitment Consultant

Totally happy and relaxed because her clients are loving the way that she is presenting her shortlisted Candidates. BigScreen is guaranteeing that more of her Candidates are being seen for interview. More of her Candidates are being hired. Her client satisfaction is at the highest level that it has ever been. Her workload is reduced and her revenues are increasing.

BigScreen – Employee Appraisals, simplified and perfected.

Measure Performance, Feel Happiness

There are literally hundreds of software companies out there giving you the ability to measure, monitor, manage, scrutinize and analyse employee performance. However, in most cases, both Employee and Employer often emerge from this experience with a sense of emptiness, paranoia and dissatisfaction. Employees can feel disassociated and detached from their Employer, left only with a sense of being “put under the microscope”.

BigScreen is the World’s first pioneer of an Employee Appraisal Solution that guarantees that you know the abilities, performance and feelings of your Employees. Your Team will feel valued, feel respected, feel positive and you will gain the most essential insight into the “happiness factor” of your organisation.

Through increased positivity you ensure increased productivity.

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Retention is Key

It is clearly understood that as the Global economy grows, the need to maintain,nurture and retain talented Employees with specialist skills in a competitive hiring environment becomes paramount. Through regular Employee Appraisals, BigScreen will give you all of the knowledge, data and insight that you really require – how your Team feel about working for you. Through continually having this information at your fingertips, you can easily motivate, develop and deploy your top talent. Your relationship with your Employees is bound to be optimised and will produce the greatest possible positive results.

How do we do it?

We have a simple, automated system that you can personalise for your exact Employee needs and corporate goals. The entire solution is optimised for easy Employee response using video, text questioning, measured qualifying questioning, surveys and exciting new practices.

Once your Appraisals Framework is in place, you won’t ever look back.

The 6 steps to amazing appraisals

Add Employees 200x200
Create Lists200x200
Publish Appraisal200x200

Appraisal (noun) – Value, Praise, Establish Worth

BigScreen Appraisal solution is one of the simplest and most effective essential people processes that your company will ever deploy. Your entire annual schedule of Employee Appraisals and Reviews can be planned in advance and automatically published on the dates of your choice.

You will save huge amounts of time and money by using BigScreen. Learn everything you need to know about your team, making them feel positive, happy and valued throughout the process.

BigScreen – the simple art of the employee appraisal.

What is an “appraisal”?

An appraisal is normally understood to be the process of asking employees or colleagues for information that leads to an assessment of their abilities, progress, relationships, achievements and feelings. If done well, the employee will feel positive and motivated by the process. BigScreen Appraisals are fully automated and can guarantee that this process is informative, simple and sure to produce positive feedback.

How do my employees complete an appraisal?

Simply, is the answer. With BigScreen, the process is 100% automated. They will receive an email notifying them that an “appraisal” is due. They can then complete the process instantly and easily on a smartphone, tablet or computer. They need no supervision and the time it takes to complete the appraisal is completely optimised. They will deliver the fullest information to you in a fraction of the time and at the lowest possible cost.

What is an “appraisal circle”?

Very simply, it is the small group of line managers, professionals and colleagues that have a vested interest in the success, development and positive performance of the employee being appraised. Other software companies can complicate this process but at BigScreen we make it easy and efficient. Of course, 360 degree feedback is achieved through the “multi-rater” function of BigScreen appraisals.

Does the automated appraisal process involve scheduling a meeting of some kind?

Not in any way. The reason why 95% of existing appraisal processes fail is because of the realities and difficulties of scheduling suitable meeting times and locations for multiple participants. BigScreen is a cloud solution with automated responses from your employees. As an “appraiser”, you can complete the appraisal process on any smartphone, computer or tablet. You can then share confidential assessments with the other members of the “appraisal circle” in exactly the same way as you do on your social or business networks.

How do I “share feedback” with an employee?

There is a document called “Shared Feedback” which you can create easily within BigScreen. You can then easily and instantly “publish” it directly to the employee for them to review and digest. The great thing is that very positive feedback and feelings can be conveyed to your team through this.

Can I still meet with a team member for a “face to face” session?

Absolutely. Your meeting together will be better and more productive than it has ever been. You will have something “concrete” in the form of the completed appraisal to discuss. Also, you may have already created the “shared feedback” document, which will additionally form a positive and productive aspect of your meeting together. The meeting will end up being shorter but incredibly effective.

Technology that changes how people feel

BigScreen – Amazing recruiting tools.

Turn your Company into a “Talent Magnet”

BigScreen has created recruiting tools that optimise every single aspect of hiring strategy, talent attraction and mobile application processes. Very simply, by using the full functionality of our recruiting tools, you will  achieve the following:

Highest harvest rates
Highest conversion rates
Most collaborative screening process
Deepest Candidate database

Collaborate people v2


Great collaboration is essential in all recruiting processes. Without collaboration, decision making is stalled and ineffective. Time and money are wasted by repetition and lack of communication.

Manage v2


Manage all of your Recruitment Partners and control the ow of qualified Candidates. The BigScreen solution is designed to allow you to easily and instantly share your Jobs with third parties and external recruiters.

Personalisation v2


Your brand, your way, all the time. Everything in BigScreen can be completely personalised to reflect and mirror your company’s brand.It is a simple process to integrate your logos, colours and themes.

Job Board v2

Custom Job Sites

Candidates love applying for Jobs hosted by BigScreen. We have developed technology that instantly creates incredible dynamic design meaning that every Job is optimised for viewing and simple application on mobile devices.

Employee Database v2

Candidate Database

Our Candidate records provide you with every piece of detail required. Track every piece of essential data regarding your Candidates through in depth Candidate profiles.

Multi Device

Multi Device

Candidates today want to be able to access Job Opportunities and complete the initial interview stage directly on their mobile device. It is anticipated that 95% of all first screen interviews will be conducted on smart phones or tablets.


Video Interviews

BigScreen is a leading pioneer of video technology and every Candidate that applies for a role can be asked to complete a video interview. 90% of Candidates who complete video interviews are invited to the shortlist stage.

Analytics v2

Reporting and Analytics

Key Data and Reports are an essential part of all recruiting processes. Use our analytics, reporting and charting to instantly generate and share valuable business information.

ATS Provider v2

Ultimate Screening

Through BigScreen, our Customers are able to completely optimise the effectiveness of their shortlisting processes. They can identify the top talent quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

With over 100 years experience of managing growth and recruiting within large Corporations as Business Managers, BigScreen Middle East is well positioned to help you deploy BigScreen.

We will help you to address the inefficiencies of current Recruitment Processes and through the use of our Cloud SaaS Solution, will support you in optimising them. We will achieve this not only through the implementation of the BigScreen Solution, but also by assisting your Organisation to better understand its Internal Processes, then making use of our Professional Services associates to improve them.

We use video everywhere

All BigScreen Products use our Unique Video Interviewing Technology. We have developed the World’s Most Robust Video Recording Solution for the Harvesting of “Video Interview” testimonial from Candidates. By optimal use of technology, we can offer the simplest and most reliable VIDEO RECORDING experience for Candidates. Within the VIDEO INTERVIEWING market, we can also boast the highest quality of UNIVERSALLY available video playback that exists today.

  • Our Video Solution provides the Highest Possible Harvest Rates
  • All device types supported – Computers, Tablet and Smartphones
  • Universal Video format for playback on all devices and all operating systems.
  • Video always “perfectly formed and perfectly presented”

Meet the Team

Experienced, versatile, intelligent, trustworthy, dynamic, articulate, all adjectives that describe our team.

Collectively we have 100 years plus of Business Management experience, and we are Experts in the field of Technology, Recruitment and Customer Service. But, most of all, our willingness to care for and support you, the customer, is “World Class”.

Jon Saunders
Managing Director - Middle East
Dave Watkins
Sales Director
Farah Zahoor
Events Director
Hina Morgan
Marketing Executive

BigScreen Middle East – Developed by Experts, Supporting Your Growth

BigScreen is a “Transformational” SaaS Solution for people processes. It is the “evolution” of CRM systems, goes beyond the Job Board, transcends the ATS and reaches its destination at the heart of the decision making relating to hiring and Employee reviews. BigScreen’s customers save huge amounts of time and money, optimize their business processes.

The Middle East is a fast developing region that has any number of unique dynamics around people migration and immigration. For many years it was understood that there was a drain of the most talented individuals to the West. However more recently, due to the development of the region the environment of Economic Growth has reversed and now many more people from all over the world  are attracted to live and work in the region. In addition, those people are also attracted to stay in the region for an extended period of time, on average 8-10 years.

Some of the leading growth countries have become Talent Magnets, not only for the top talent from overseas but also convincing the top indigenous talent to work, develop, stay and thrive here in the region. This evolution has begun in earnest, and is reflected by the award of Global events such as Expo 2020 in Dubai and the Football World Cup in Qatar in 2022. At the same time, Economic Growth has been fuelled by the advent of World Class Airlines and Hospitality Brands, challenging established brands on a worldwide basis. These brands have become Global with international reach and a need to attract candidates from all continents, requiring new recruiting solutions to support their growth.

Global Locations

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